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The storm destroyed or heavily damaged nearly every building on the island, the Associated Press reports, leaving more than half of the 1,400 residents homeless."It is just really a horrendous situation," Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister Gaston Browne told the AP.

The retail and tech giant, which completed its takeover of Whole Foods last week, announced on Thursday that it has opened a search to build a second headquarters somewhere in North America, where "as many as 50,000 high-paying jobs" will be created.Cities that want to be considered by Amazon are being asked to submit proposals detailing the reasons that the company should position its second headquarters in their community.

As Hurricane Irma barreled through the Caribbean on Wednesday and Thursday, it severely damaged one of the world's most famous airports.Pictures show that the Category 5 storm has wreaked havoc on the Princess Juliana International Airport on the island of St.

(ROME) - Pope Francis flew out of Italy on Wednesday headed for Colombia, with his plane forced to change route because of Hurricane Irma, which is powering across the northern Caribbean.The Alitalia aircraft had been expected to fly over the U.

Airlines are offering the passengers the chance to rebook their travel plans without the usual fees as Hurricane Irma strikes the Caribbean and threatens to hit Florida next.Irma's effects on travel will only worsen as the storm draws closer to Florida.

In light of more recent superstorms like Texas' Hurricane Harvey (and its estimated $180 billion in damages) and Hurricane Katrina—which decimated New Orleans' economy for 10 years after it hit—people may have forgotten about the South Florida Category 5 storm.Now, with Hurricane Irma tracking toward Florida, the Southeast U.

Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez said on Twitter Tuesday that he may be asking zones A and B to evacuate as early as tomorrow.He also said evacuations for special needs residents will start tomorrow morning.

Key West International Airport will close Wednesday night for all commercial flights as Irma, a Category 5 hurricane with 185 mile-per-hour winds, is predicted to hit southern Florida this weekend.Monroe County also issued a mandatory evacuation for visitors starting 7 a.

A Japan Airlines flight made an emergency landing in Tokyo on Tuesday after a suspected bird strike to one of the plane's engines.Video footage of the reported strike shows flames burst out of one of the plane's engines after takeoff.

However, North Korea is a highly clandestine state and the Pentagon knows little about its armaments or where they are.There would also a small, though distinct, possibility of Beijing coming to North Korea’s defense, and open conflict between the world’s two superpowers.

A Chilean protest against Uber and other ride-hailing services has resulted in one death, according to local police.At least 15 people were arrested and the local governor has promised to bring charges against the protest's organizers, according to Reuters.

Jerry Brown did the same on the state level for Los Angeles County after the wildfire destroyed three homes and threatened hillside neighborhoods.Authorities were able to cancel the evacuation orders that had been issued for three cities — Los Angeles, Burbank and Glendale — and allow all of the 1,400 people who had fled to return to their homes.

But over the past 15 years or so, do-it-yourself websites like Orbitz and Airbnb have empowered vacationers to pick their own accommodations, making travel agents increasingly unnecessary.com, has co-founded a new travel startup called Lola, which provides on-demand access to a team of travel agents supported by artificial intelligence software.

As Hurricane Harvey lingers around the southeast coast of Texas, thousands are stranded as they wait for the storm to pass.Three cruise ships from the Carnival Cruise Line and one from Royal Caribbean International were scheduled to arrive at the Port of Galveston this weekend, which closed earlier this week in preparation for Harvey's arrival, according to the Miami Herald.

As the gulf separating luxurious first-class air travel and economy continue to widen, however, that could be a thing of the past.Airlines have already started testing "Basic Economy" fares, which do not include the above "perks.

1 billion)The online travel space has seen a ton of consolidation over the past few years, with Expedia now owning Hotels.According to Hafner, Momondo has “a similar mission to Kayak, but they’re leading in Europe.

“Safety” is a card more legitimately played by former presidents, says India, who has organized trips to Africa for George W.For every VIP itinerary, there are “layers of experts” coordinating the logistics, says India.

As America’s 55 million students head back to school this month, teachers have a new tool to capture children’s attention and inspire their imagination: virtual reality.Thanks to the proliferation of smartphones and low-cost $10 VR headsets, a cornucopia of exciting digital reality experiences are coming to the classroom.

Fans of Vice Media's edgy style of journalism will soon have the opportunity to embark on a series of Vice-approved travel adventures around the world.Should Airbnb offer more Vice-organized travel tours after the current contest ends, it would do so for a fee, with the millennial-friendly media company receiving advertising money from Airbnb for promoting the "experiences" as part of that partnership, The Wall Street Journal notes.