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CreditCreditDavid Goldman/Associated PressThose looking to score the cheapest airfares around this Thanksgiving holiday shopping season may have their patience tested.“Last year, we sent more deal notifications on Travel Deal Tuesday than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined,” Mr.

leisure travelers use between seven and eight different apps.Fifty-two percent use maps, 51 percent use weather, and 50 percent rely on airline apps.

To help you shop for your travel-lovers, here at Reviewed, we've rounded up the best gifts for travelers of 2018.To avoid tapping into your Type-A friend's neuroses, consider slipping a Tile tracker in there, too.

In the frenzy of packing up before your flight, it's embarrassingly easy to forget about that tiny little safe in hotel closet.Unless you're totally unfazed by walking around with only one shoe, there's no way you're going to head out without everything you need.

Seventy-five percent of those asked said they were able to sleep on a plane, while 34 percent said they needed a pill or drink to fall asleep.Thirty-six percent said that reclining seats should be banned.

Every year, journalists write about how "Thanksgiving travel is at a new high.5 million more people than last year—are hitting the road and the skies for Thanksgiving, the highest its been since 2005, AAA reports.

(Photo via iStock / Getty Images /Plusalexandrshevchenko) Water shoes may not be the most attractive footwear while walking along the beach, but three female travelers wish they had been wearing them while visiting Negril, Jamaica.Two weeks ago, Tara Benedek, Karin Weatherbie, and Brigitte May were like many other travelers on a Jamaican vacation – they walked the beach barefoot.

airports have therapy pet programs.Los AngelesLos Angeles International Airport's therapy pet program called PUPs, or Pets Unstressing Passengers, started in 2013 with just 20 dogs.

The holidays are an appealing time to plan a big vacation.But experienced travelers know that certain places are more of a crowded nightmare than a winter wonderland.

© Illustration by Brown Bird Design Electronic passport gates were previously reserved for EU passport holders.Luckily, starting next year, travelers with passports from the U.

Make your trip more affordable and bearable by traveling on one of the days when there’s less rush.“To save, either extend your trip, flying out early within the week and returning the week after Thanksgiving, or shorten it, flying out early on Thanksgiving Day and returning the Saturday after,” said Kimia Kalbasi, a food, travel and lifestyle blogger.

In a statement to CNBC, United denied these allegations and said the lawsuits were without merit.The suits claim United's issues with listeria, and food safety generally, are much bigger and broader reaching than previously reported.

But, travelers over 50 have begun to gain the industry's attention: AARP reports that travelers in their 50s and up now take four to five trips a year.42% plan to take both domestic and international trips.

4 million Cathay Pacific passengers have likely been impacted by a major data breach that leaked personal information, including passport numbers and credit card information.© Getty Images Cathay Pacific Boeing 777 airplane.

© Getty Images PHOTO: Female business traveler (photo courtesy encrier/iStock/Getty Images Plus) More and more professionals are traveling for business these days but many companies aren’t providing employees with important safety information before they leave.“High levels of concern have a tangible impact on business travel for women,” said Amanda Cecil, senior vice president of professional development and research for GBTA.

Vancouver Airport in Canada will now allow travelers to smoke weed in a designated area before their flight.(iStock)An airport has announced that its passengers will be allowed to freely smoke cannabis before their flights.

At least, that’s what AAA Travel booking data from the last 12 months reveals.“Many cruise ships today are like resorts, holding thousands of passengers and offering countless opportunities for entertainment and places to dine,” said Bill Sutherland, senior vice president of AAA Travel.

The popular Philippine resort island of Boracay, which President Rodrigo Duterte called a “cesspool” after learning of its sewage issues and environmental violations earlier this year, is in the first phase of reopening after closing to tourists in late April.There had also been sewage infrastructure issues, a highly publicized problem that came to light following footage of sewage leaking into the ocean.

Ingredients are wonderful (especially if you eat with the season), traditions are prized, "modern German cuisine" is giving old dishes tasty and entertaining new twists, and small, creative foodie places are thriving in every city.Even in small-town Germany, restaurants are challenging the notion that German food is all schnitzel and noodles.

One of the airports hit the hardest by the storm was Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport in Panama City, Florida, which finally opened to passenger flight operations during daylight hours Saturday, according to MyPanhandle.American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines returned to the airport Saturday, and Southwest Airlines restarted service Sunday.